Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who benefits from Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle made over $5,000,000 but who was the real winner of this promotion. Humble Bundle is a collection of cross platform, DRM free independent games that can be purchased at a cost you determine. You also have the control of the proportion you pay to, developers, charity and Humble for setting up and hosting the promotion.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Best of both SSD and HDD for your Laptop

The old rule of thumb for when I wanted a cheap upgrade of performance was to install additional RAM because this increased the amount stored in fast memory and reduced usage of the slower HDD. Now SSD is comparable with RAM speed we have more choice for improving performance. But there is always a but. SSD is still expensive so storing all your MP3s, pictures and videos could hurt my wallet. But there is another way thanks to a piece on lifehacker Podcast: Install a small super quick SSD into the laptop for OS and apps and keep HDD in CD bay for multimedia.